Brian Senor - 1 Samuel 16:23
About Brian

Brian Senor is a Christian singer/songwriter/guitarist who brings refreshing songs that draw in audiences to experience a dynamic encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. His music encourages a focus on such ideals as (to name a few); for God’s people to live their worship; serve in their local church and honor their own pastor; find forgiveness, and build their marriage and family on the rock of faith in Christ. Brian's music is sure to cause the seeker to be challenged to chase the Lord Jesus with a greater intensity.

Brian’s music ministry is endorsed and encouraged by his pastor, Dr. Mark Barclay.

Brian’s musical styles range from Christian rock, jazz, to acoustic guitar instrumentals. He has over 26 years of experience playing in various church worship teams and ministry bands. He is the lead guitar player at Living Word International (located in Midland, Michigan) and for Doctor Barclay’s Holy Spirit Conferences. Brian has had the honor to open for various national Christian music ministries including:

  1. Phil Keaggy (3 times)
  2. Michael Card
  3. Leon Patillo
  4. Margaret Becker
  5. Brian has also accompanied such well known Christian artists as John Morgan, Craig Lang, Russ Taff, Phil Driscoll, David Wells, David Huff, and Pastor Chris Holland. In addition, he often is invited to “sit in” with many local church worship teams throughout this hemisphere while traveling with Dr. Barclay.

Although his heart’s desire is to bring people to the presence of Christ, and that is the main motive to his music, there will be times, when he is building a live song with the assistance of his looper (an on the fly recording device) that you will experience a measure of suspense. Once you realize what is happening, you will not only be entertained, but you may find yourself on the edge of your seat. Who would have thought music could be so exciting?

Brian has been married to his wonderful wife for 25 glorious years. As he tells everyone, “I’m still on my honeymoon, just some kids happened along the way…”

Sue has also co-authored over 75% of the music Brian ministers.

At times, Brian's wife Sue, his daughter Mandy, and son Aaron accompany him when asked to lead Praise and Worship in various churches. You will find Mandy is an accomplished singer/songwriter/pianist and worship leader who will also draw you into the pleasure of experiencing the Lord's presence!

In addition to Mandy and Aaron, Brian and Sue have two other sons, Nathan and Andrew. The entire family is dedicated to serving at Living Word International church.

The Senor family resides in Midland, Michigan. When Brian is not ministering in music, he is the Chief Pilot for Mark Barclay Ministries.