Brian Senor - 1 Samuel 16:23
Brian's Gear

Acoustic Gear:
When Brother Brian is ministering, he uses a wonderful Langejans RG6 acoustic with a LR Baggs blender system.

Recently, Brian was BLESSED with a new Guitar to use for ministry:
God answers PRAYER!!!

Talk about WOW! My new Charis guitar has been a Faith quest of mine for MANY years. I thank my Lord Jesus daily at the reality to have such a beautiful tool to musically minister a few melodies from Heaven as I endeavor to hear the "Divine Serenade".

Thank you Bill Wise, for the High quality of your gift in crafting such elegant guitars for people like me who long to fill the world with song.

Here's a description of this beautiful instrument:
Electric Gear:
When he has the opportunity to play electric, Brian plays either an American Deluxe Fender Stratocaster or a Godin SD guitar routed through a Vox Tonelab modeling/effects processor.